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I don't like to be yelled at. O.o Uh...I mean not like I couldn't accept people scolding me, it's just that, I HATE it when someone goes yelling-at-me-for-no-apparent-reason. I really really dislike that.

Gosh...I'm really...*couldn't think of an adjective* ...err 'evil'? O.o perhaps. LMAO XD I could even get so pissed of by that person (and ended up ignoring that person for days) which affected my mood, making me feel down for (I dunno...a couple of days?) *ish still kinda down currently*

XD Un...enough of the mood swings already!

NOTE-TO-SELF: Have more self-control on own-self's emotions.
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My Thoughts on my current fav Yaoi pairing - SasoDei

As you see, I've been obsessing with this yaoi pairing for like...I dunno O.o Err... four months? XD all started when I began to read a SasoDei fanfic titled "In Time" and was written by Fallen Angel Wings on FF.Net. I still remembered that the ending was so touching (but hell no, I didn't cry =p I'm too evil to do so)

Hmm...I remembered making my very first SasoDei AMV with the song "Flavor of Life" by Utada...and I also wrote my VERY FIRST YAOI fanfic with SasoDei. ._. It was songfic with "flavor of Life" by the way. Anyway stupid youtube took my AMV down due to some copyright infringement crap. Oh... do I have to tell you the reason why I'm so into this pairing? Well, first of all Deidara is so cute! (I thought he was a she at first. XD don't kill me)...then when the anime version came out...I was like it was a guy *began to take interest* Kya~! I just like the way Deidara ended every sentence with an 'un'. It was just so cute XD (Okay...I know I mentioned 'cute' twice)...Then as for Sasori ._. I didn't really took much interest in him until lately. >.> (Must be too much of those SasoDei amv making) For some reason, I find him kinda...attractive, especially with his maniacal 'I'm-going-to-kill-you' smirk... (Killer puppet!!! XD)

Then...another reason for me to LOVE this pairing is so much is the fact that Sasori is a puppet. (Weird reason, I know XD) do I say this then? Hmm...Sasori - the human-puppet fell in love with Deidara - a human. I just find this fact kinda entertaining. (I'm sick, I know. So kill me! XD) Hmm...and as for who's going to be the seme in the relationship, I guess I'll support Sasori since Deidara calls him 'danna'... (Ps: Danna means master or husband) Another reason for Sasori to be a Seme is well...I know he looks like a kid and was shorter than Deidara...but it'll be cute with a shorter Seme! XD Then... another fact is, Sasori is a puppet master, which means he likes to be in control of things (you know what I mean... *Evil Laughs*)

Hmm... I also made a few ItaDeiSaso (ItachiXDeidaraXSasori) AMVs...though I'm not really fond of the ItaDei pairing. >.> SasoDei all the way un! I just think that it was cute for Sasori to have some 'rival' in his relationship with Deidara. =p Besides...Deidara was so keen on defeating Itachi that he had even trained his left eye to go against (or was it immune? O.o) to Itachi's genjutsu. Reason enough for Sasori to pout and be jealous... (hehe...this reminds me of a fanart on Deviant. It had Sasori sulking in a corner and questioning, "Eyes JUST FOR Itachi?" And Deidara was like 'sweatdropping' and replying, " danna, I didn't mean it that way...")

In conclusion, SasoDei is LOVE!!! Eek! Well, I gotta go make my OroKabu AMV request! (Ps: OroKabu is next on my favorite Yaoi Pairing list. Though SasoDei comes first!!!)

Anyway...just a quick list on my Favourite yaoi pairings. =p Don't ask why, I just feel like typing it out. *Cheats by copying the list from her youtube account profile page*

I) SasoDei!!!(as in SasoriXDeidara) <<< My OTP!!!
II) OroKabu
III) ItaSasu <<< Uchihacest! XD

~Death Note~
I) LightXLawliet
II) MelloXMatt
III) MelloXNear

~Final Fantasy VII~
I) CloudXKadaj <<<=p Kadaj is cute

~Yami Not Matsuei~ (Finally >.> and ACTUAL yaoi anime/manga XD)
I) TsuzukiXMuraki (duh!)

~Finder no Hyouteki(Viewfinder series. Also a yaoi manga.)~
I) FeiLongXTakaba (._. Okay...I just like this, so what?!)

Sasori Can Be Deidara's Hero:
Asakura Hao

B*TCH Ling!!!

Everything will go wrong for me on rainy days...

First, I broke my mechanical pencil...(still then, that wasn't a big deal)

The REAL DEAL is when that B*tch Ling interfered with our surprise party for a friend - I-Donno. My friends and I had prepared a cake with "U-Know" printed on it and brought it to school.

Just then, that B*tch came along and spoiled EVERYTHING!!! With her ANNOYING voice, she told my friend(who is a prefect) that we are not allowed to held any ceremony in the school compound. WHAT F*CKING RULE IS THAT!? I DID NOT READ ANY RULE THAT SAID "STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING CAKES TO SCHOOL!!!" 

Not only that, that B*TCH even made my friend cried and CLAIMED THAT my friend was rude to her. That B*tch even said that my friend has an attitude problem. (Look who's talking... =__="") 

You know what?! The ONLY ONE THAT HAS A MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJOOOOOOOOOOR ATTITUDE PROBLEM IS that B*TCH herself!!! When my other friend tried to explain, that B*tch responded by saying, "Could you please wait for me to finish my words?" Then she looked at my friend in such a way that made me want to punch her ugly face! I smiled at her sarcastically and asked "Then if it's okay for us to celebrate somewhere else?"

That B*TCH looked at me with her "I'm-not-buying-this-look" and responded with a, "Then, where ARE you guys planning to celebrate?"

"Our friend's house?" I gave her an annoyed look.

I want to CLARIFY that NONE OF US ARE BREAKING THE RULES!!! There's no statement stating that we are not allowed to celebrate birthdays in school. We didn't even skip class and mostly, we did not waste any school resources if that B*TCH is accusing us for such things.

So, in the end, that B*TCH gave us a lecture which lasted for more than half-an-hour. T.TOne of my friends had to leave before we cut the cake because her parents were picking her up. Then, all of us ended up in someplace out of school and celebrated I-Donno's birthday...

Aerith Gainsborough


Where can we go when we die? Do we just fade away? I doubt that...

It may be silly, but I can't help but wonder, maybe when we die, we can't feel anything and when we opened our eyes again we are in a totally different dimension. The people around us may seemed to be familiar and we didn't notice that we were already dead...

Confusing huh? Well my mind is pretty complicated, I know you may think I'm crazy...
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